Sunday, December 19, 2010


Adam and I took Cohen to see Santa a couple of weeks ago.  It was an experience much like last year where the second we started walking toward Santa, Cohen started screaming.  We were eventually able to get Cohen to sit next to Santa, not on his lap and probably not even touching him, with me sitting off to the side of Santa just out of the way of the camera.  This is the wonderful picture that came of our Santa experience ;)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


What is this you ask?  This is the term for facial blindness, one of the agnosia's with which Adam has been diagnosed.  Here is a short video clip from this evenings CBS news about facial blindness:;photovideo

This may explain some of the questions people have been asking about what Adam "sees" when he looks at peoples faces.  It is hard for me to understand as well and I am with him on a daily basis so I know it is hard to comprehend for those who only see Adam occasionally or who may not even know him at all.

There are also a couple of stories about injured Marines at Walter Reed and NNMC (Bethesda) in the same CBS evening news show which Adam and me found interesting.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Holiday Season

We have had a great holiday season so far this year!  We spent Thanksgiving in Clarksville since we had just been out of town the two weekends prior and were tired of traveling  We celebrated Thanksgiving with some families from Adam's old unit and had a great time!

It has been great being able to decorate our own house this year and Cohen LOVES the Christmas trees and lights.  I put up a small tree in his room and two trees in the first floor of our house.  The lights on the trees always have to be on or else he is trying to plug them in himself which is scary!  He walks around the house pointing to the trees saying "tree, lights, tree lights" all day.  So cute!  The challenge is keeping the ornaments on the trees!!

My cousin, Lorra, and her husband, Ben, came up this past weekend to visit.  Lorra is more like my sister than my cousin since we grew up together, are close in age and are both only children.  We had a great time with them and they really enjoyed spending time with Cohen.  We tried to get them to take some family pictures of us for Christmas cards and this is what we came up with:

Needless to say, Cohen was not very cooperative and Cooper was not much better!  I think we will have to come up with plan B for Christmas card pictures.

Here is a decent picture of Cohen from a Christmas party at the Warrior Transition Unit last week.  Cohen was terrified of Santa and started screaming when we got within ten feet of Santa so I had to be in the picture too.

Other than getting ready for the holidays, Adam is finishing up with the TBI program here at Ft Campbell.  His 10-12 week program is coming to an end right before Christmas.  I do not know if they will continue his therapy after the holidays or if this will be it for therapy for now.  Adam is ready for the medical board process to get started so that he can figure out what he wants to do next in life and get that going as well.