Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Fun in KY!!

New Location for Stead Family updates!

So I have decided that I am now going to post all of Adam's and our family's updates on this blog instead of CaringBridge. CaringBridge is a great site for medical updates but this will allow me to post more pictures with better quality and even some videos!

Sorry, again, that it has been so long since the last update but we are staying very busy! Adam's therapy is going well and he is almost halfway through the 10-12 week TBI program at Ft Campbell. He continues to practice on the driving simulator which he is improving a lot. His reaction time is getting faster and he is able to recognize almost all of the road signs in the appropriate time frame. No accidents in the simulator! Adam did go to the Commissary with the OT with a list of items to search for (along with pictures and their locations in the store). He was able to find all of the items without difficulty or help. This was pretty good for him since visual processing is one of his main deficits and the grocery store is very overwhelming and visually overstimulating. Other than that, nothing too exciting going on in therapy, just the normal OT, PT and Speech therapy.

We have had some fun trips this month. We went to Goldrush a couple of weekends ago, a festival at the college where Adam went to school. We had a great time and Adam was able to visit with some friends he has not seen since early in his injury and some since before his injury. We also had a great time with some of my lifelong friends at an engagement party.

Last weekend we went Lexington for the UGA/UK game and visited with my family's great, great friends. We went to the horse races on Friday and the football on Saturday. Luckily the Grandmother's volunteered to babysit so us "kids" or parents could go to the races and the game! We did take Cohen tailgating; he had a great time but it was not so much fun for us since he was running all over the place!!