Sunday, October 16, 2011

Go DAWGS! Cohen's first football game

We took Cohen to his first Georgia football game this weekend!  Our great friends, Wes and Maggie, came in town for the game with their children, Colt and Marley.  At first we were not going to take Cohen since he's only 2, but we decided to take him and are so glad we did!  He had a blast with Colt and Marley and the kids were so good at the game!  Cohen was very intrigued by the whole football scene; he loved the marching band, Hairy Dawg, watching the football players and snacking on popcorn, pretzels and lemonade.  We made it to halftime then Maggie and I left and went back to the hotel with the kids.  Wes and Maggie stayed at a hotel so close to the stadium that you could watch the game from the hotel rooms.  It was a perfect location so we could take the kids back, give them a bath and put their pj's on while the guys stayed to watch the rest of the game.

 The guys watching the Georgia football players come off the bus

 Maggie and Marley

Colt, Marley and Cohen

The Muschara's

The Stead's

Cohen and Colt very entertained at the game

Nashville Zoo

Adam and I took Cohen to the Nashville Zoo last week.  The last Cohen had been to the zoo was in Tampa when he was an infant.  Cohen had blast seeing all the animals, playing on the jungle gym and riding the "choo choo".  When we left he fell asleep in the car before we even made it out of the parking lot!

 We forgot to take our stroller so we had to rent one there.

 Climbing on the jungle gym

Riding the "Choo Choo"

 Brushing the animals at the petting zoo

 Passed out in the car after we left the zoo!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Adam's Retirement Party

My parents and I had a retirement party for Adam last weekend in Atlanta at my parent's house.  I felt a little strange every time I said "retirement party" since Adam is so young and likely has many years of work ahead, but he definitely deserves the recognition and celebration!  I was going to try and make it a surprise but I did not think I could get Adam to Atlanta and pull it off without telling him, so I did end up telling him about the party.  We invited close friends and family and had a great time visiting with everyone!  Here are some pictures from the night.  I started taking a few pictures at the beginning of the night but didn't get very far...hopefully my mom took more pictures than I did :o

 Adam's friends from college, from left to right:  Leah and Spencer, Erin (her husband was at home with a sick baby :( ), Cristin and Bryan, Carrie and Adam, Kelli and Jason, Kelly and Great, Maggie and Wes

 Left to right:  Bryan, Spencer, Adam, Jason, Wes and Great

 I ordered the cake from a local bakery.  It turned out pretty good!  Adam was in the Cavalry when he was aviation in the Army so I thought the stetson would make a cute cake.

 Ryan, Cohen and Eleanor.  Ryan and Eleanor are my friend's, Sharon and Jenn, children.  Cohen had a blast playing with them!  The rest of our friends decided to leave their kids at home and make it an "adult" evening.

 Me and my cousin, Lorra

 My Grandmother and Aunt Jan

 Aunt Jan and Jerry

 Jenn and Eleanor

 Family friends, Bruce and Charles, and my Uncle Jerry

Sharon, Maggie and Erin

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We went to a farm last weekend with our friends, Scott and Debbie Johnson, and their one-year old son, Caleb, for some fall festivities.  The Johnson's are the family that kept Cooper for us last year while we were gone and have become great friends of ours.  Cohen had a blast at the farm and is still talking about the "punkin patch".  This farm had all kinds of great activities for children to enjoy.  Cohen went down a big slide that tunneled through the ground, played on a big tractor, climbed on hay, played in a sandbox of corn kernels, went through a corn maze, got to see all the farm animals, and we all went on a hay ride.  He even got chased by a goose that almost got a hold of his shirt!  I don't have a picture of that but I wish I did.  Everyone around was laughing hysterically and poor Cohen was screaming and running from the goose.  It was definitely a sight!  Here are some pictures from the day...somehow I didn't get any photos of the Johnson's?!  We both had our cameras and were concentrating on taking pictures of our children, I guess??