Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trip to D.C. with Army Friends

At the beginning of June we took a trip to visit some of our good friends from Ft Campbell, the Folk's.  Chuck was in Adam's unit and they were deployed together and Bree and I became quick friends once we met and spent almost everyday together when the guys were deployed.  Army friends quickly become family, especially during deployments, and that bond seems to last.  Bree and I helped each other get through the first 9 months of the guys deployment and the day we found out Adam was hurt she was there at my house as soon as I called and took care of everything, along with my parents, from that point on until after I left to go to D.C. to see Adam.  Needless to say, she is a great friend and I was so excited to see them and their two boys, Daenen who is 4 years old and Ethan who is 9 months old.

The Folks are now stationed in Alaska but were in the "lower 48" for a couple of weeks visiting family and friends so we decided to meet them in D.C. for a long weekend since it's not too far from Charlotte.  We stayed in Arlington, just outside of D.C., and took the Metro most places which was really fun for Cohen and Daenen.  We spent most of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday sight-seeing around Arlington and in D.C.  The highlights for the kiddos were the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum and the Dulles Air and Space Museum where they were able to see all the airplanes, helicopters and the space shuttle.  Chuck and Adam also took the older boys to the Monster Truck show in Baltimore which is a little boy's dream!  We did not take many pictures at all but here are a few from our trip.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Family Birthday

My Grandmother, Cohen and I all share the same birthday...how fun!!  It is such an amazing coincidence and fun celebration for all of us.  The weekend after our birthday we went to GA for a long weekend to celebrate.

On Friday mom, Adam, Cohen and I went to a place called Noah's Ark which is local animal rescue and rehabilitation center and children's home.  We had a great time there and saw all kinds of animals.  Saturday we had party with our friends at the Moore's house.  There were 7 couples and 13 kiddos.  We all had a blast!!  I only took about 3 pictures...Maggie has become the official photographer for our events ;) and now sends them out to everyone.  Then on Sunday we had a family birthday party at my parents house.  Here are a few pictures from the weekend...

 Opening a present at Mimi and Pops' house on his birthday

Getting Pops to help him open his new dinosaur

At the animal rescue

Ostrich at the rescue

Enormous water slide the Moore's got for the party!

Cohen and Marley...they just love each other!

At Mimi and Pops' pool

Cohen's dinosaur birthday cake...obsessed with dinosaurs right now!

Three generations of birthdays

Marley loves icing!

 Cohen loves icing!

Opening gifts with his buddy Colt

Uncle Ben teaching him how to squirt water :)