Friday, April 20, 2012

House Part 2 and another visit to GA :)

Here are some recent pictures of the house addition taken about two weeks ago.  Not much has been done since then; we are waiting on the tile to be done in the bathroom and laundry room.  The guy who is doing that has been really busy apparently so we are in a holding pattern right now.  The pictures are not too exciting to look at since it is just walls and windows but we super excited about the progress!!

I took the picture from the new hallway which was part of Cohen's old room.  This hallway now extends into the new part of the house.  The picture is looking into the remaining part of Cohen's old room which will now be the office.

New hallway and new doorway to outside

Looking into the laundry room (the washer and dryer is currently in a very large cabinet in the middle of our kitchen--it will be so nice to have a laundry room!)

New master bedroom

Another angle of the master bedroom

New master bathroom

Cohen and I took another trip to GA this past weekend, even though we were just there for Easter the weekend before.  Adam did not go with us because he had appointments at the VA on Friday and Monday and also wanted to get some things done around the house and in the yard...much easier to do without an almost 3-year-old running around (as those of you with children well know!).  We went to GA for the birthday party of our friend's, the Muschara's, son Colt.  He turned 5 and we just could not miss the party!  Cohen, Marley and Colt had such a great time playing together and I know Colt had a blast at his birthday party.  Of course, I forgot my camera like I usually do when we go out of town and the only pictures I took were with my phone.  I did "catch" Cohen and Marley playing "doctor"...probably the cutest thing I have EVER seen.  They were lying on the floor taking turns being the patient and the doctor.  Here are a few shots from my phone...not the best quality.

And a couple of pictures of the two and them jumping on Marley's new "big girl" bed in their undies.  It is very hard to keep the two of them clothed!!  They are two peas in a pod!


  1. Cute pictures Carrie! Sorry we had to miss y'all at the party this time...hopefully we will see y'all sometime this summer.

  2. Omg, they crack me up! Can't wait to see your house soon!